asics shoes but the wisdom of the Silver Dragon a

5 noiembrie 2010

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Sura deepest soul, and could feel the energy in traction and a strange,onitsuka tiger mini, his spirit seems to have become more of what heart and blood, at this moment and that the release of silver in the full communion of life and breath. Slight crushing sound,asics, Silver Dragon egg shell to the top of a small crack appeared, followed, cracks gradually enlarged, with the silver light of the release of more and more intense, the whole egg cracks have been all over the body. Bang Qing Xiang, asics gt and Sura in the firm purpose of watching four, a silver in the drilling of small leading out from the shell, it was clear in the eyes sparkling with confusion. Open your mouth, bite to bite in the shell, and snip snip Cui Xiang continuously came, it went so far as to put their shell so to eat. With the disappearance of the shell, Silver Dragon has revealed the body gradually, the body stretched about half a meter long, round body densely covered with silver scales, four little paws restless tamper with, a pair of light wings light tapping is unfolding, but it still looks like being fly up. The shell was completely down to eat it, do not know this thing is not pirated, when a small silver dragon will eat shell after its body was somewhat larger. Traction in the contract, the small clear eyes Silver Dragon found Sura, blinked its pair of beautiful big eyes, running asics cute little head rub rub his chest in Missoula, called out the two The word asics gt robust, Sura, it has been flushed with shame. Sura Chongni touched a small silver dragons head, embarrassed and said: But to make running asics surprise is that even a small Silver Dragon excited nod, as if it recognized the name. One thing asics gt do not know, dragon creatures, and Sura had a common interest, that is like wealth. Although it is small, but the wisdom of the Silver Dragon as a higher, talent was already beginning to show. Sura laughed: on his bed, and asics gt excited watching two cute little guy. peak exists, of course, is born with wisdom. just do not know when it can be grown it.

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