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7 septembrie 2010

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In New York ugg shoes, the future demand for oil will reduce fuel consumption, because this summer season, will slow global economic recovery. American labor day. Traders were betting more oil prices, but not nearly four years. In the U.S. crude oil inventories, the world’s largest oil consumer, about five percent higher than a year ago.

“The factors UGG Bailey Button Boots 5803, such as driving season and oil inventories are ignored in recent months,” Stenzel Roland, oil traders Handelsgesellschaft mbH offer from Vienna economic vitality, said. “I think it will become more important.” 52 points in October shipment, or 0.7 percent, to $74.08 barrel in electronic trading on the New York mercantile exchange. This is 74.10 1:04 dollars. London’s time. No floor trading in New York, USA today, because this festival. All part of the electronic trading in tomorrow’s meeting. Brent crude oil for ten cents, or solve 0.2%, 76.85 dollars a barrel in the afternoon, 1:04 ICE futures Europe trading in London.The vaccine aims to include recent swine flu is effective, but health departments should strengthen the speed and output in the world, and the world health organization since the outbreak, an official said Monday. The world health organization, announced last month swine flu began in June 2009, people after worldwide, killed far less than 18,600 compared in this case – exert authorities say they’re, millions of people will die the widespread use of vaccines is the key of limits on the number of casualties, the study suggests that they provide protection under the condition of 95%, the world health organization’s official David hill-wood said at a news conference in Hong Kong influenza meeting.

ugg boot sale — short of fund managers, gasoline futures and options contracts 1,169 8 weeks after the end of the first, the investor has since November 2006, according to the commodity futures trading commission report cycle. Hedge funds of four straight weeks betting cuts.America’s petrol demand – 12% 3.1 in 7 days, mastercard credit card company on August 27, the report says, at SpendingPulse weekly. “People don’t believe this new forces of the global economy will have any effect,” Alexander Ridgers oil and commodity markets, in London of the central military commission, more than $150 million in U.S. crude oil. Inventory remain high, Ridgers said. Saudi oil company, the world’s largest state-owned oil companies, for all of the crude oil prices, according to documents next shipment official yesterday. Saudi Arabia’s fourth-largest oil exporter, America last year, from the second spot in 2008, according to data from the United States energy information administration. This is the customers in Asia, Europe and America and the Mediterranean northwest.

Hedge fund managers and other large investors cut their position in New York oil futures prices – aug. 31, data shows, the commodity futures trading commission. Reportedly, or sales price of the site will rise beyond the 13,120 on the New York mercantile exchange, Washington’s commission merchant commitment. – 14,203 dropped to 52 percent, or by an employee contract, from a week ago.”We hope the future, for the future of epidemics, so we have to actually make science and technology is an effective vaccine, said:” this wood, quality and safety of the team cooperation partners and vaccine vaccination department for six months later, although influenza virus strains H1N1 behind, 2009 April recognition, or too late for some countries, “he said.” in the United States, at the age of five, October 2009, the second wave weeks after school, attacks on the United States centers for disease control and prevention influenza experts Nancy cox tells a reporter, the world health organization is learning how to make vaccine faster, wood said did not disclose any details. He added, technical breakthroughs will UGG Boots accelerate.

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