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1 septembrie 2010

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Intel, officials said in a cheap ugg boots telephone conference on wireless business grow now is important, Intel company resource application “and” fast moving business leaders and accelerate the development of long-term evolution technology.

Officials say UGG Ultimate Bind Boots 5219, they have all the answers to the revenue forecast in the next few years, including lose some customers, even the most conservative patterns, Intel’s assets, it is a good idea, will increase your income. In the Internet bubble, Intel company establish wireless technology for acquisitions, but found that mobile phone chips burden gains. It will eventually sell products, the products of the production and technological group. In 2006, MRVL ($6 billion), and has been trying to get a strong growth market foothold. Despite Intel chips are everywhere, most of the mobile phone manufacturers select a particular computer chip of the operating system.

Now, not only UGG Ultra Short Boots 5225 increase the Intel’s wireless services. The company is working with nokia. (we), NOK1V. He said a new mobile operating system MeeGo 884 billion last year, the rapid growth of river ecosystem, software company, help business telephone and other “embedded system. Intel is trying to broaden its atom chips, netbooks suddenly into other market leading mobile equipment, through PLC (ARMH ARM holding group limited company, ARM. LN), a British company permission microprocessor designs to other chip maker. ARM chip tend to use small power, extend battery life portable products. Ironically, make full use of buy now, the use of Intel chips ARM architecture, the company may be forced to flatter the technological competition of atoms, analysts said.Yen against the dollar a year highs on Tuesday for investors shrugged his shoulders, the bank of Japan, reduce the latest mobile earnings had bet yen official intervention.

Installed in the economic interests are likely to investors from high-risk assets and hedge yen. This will eventually sold its monetary market prompted Japan article 6 years. “Policy, the bank of Japan’s action is not changing market sentiment. Maybe it will take a little shaken, said:” Serebriakov currency strategist, vassili Wells Fargo in New York. “But we are not sure will cause the reversal of the yen continued power. If you go, 2004 intervention itself is not immediately recover yen,” he added Japan finance minister on Tuesday, the government will repeat yoshihiko noda, decisive action to currency — usually considered code. The necessary intervention, but the market ugg boots reaction is limited.

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