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27 august 2010

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Hong Kong MBT Shoes sale, China (CNN) — hundreds of Hong Kong residents gather in the town square, for people, eight people were killed on Thursday, the Philippines drama bow in silence for three minutes, at the same time, some cry… The chief executive, Donald tsang, Hong Kong, officials in the flag-raising ceremony has been reduced to half – in the city square, redbud mark returned to China in 1997.

“Hong Kong citizens mbt shoes paypal, we should do something to express our support all housewife said, disaster, daughter attend iris. He said:” in Hong Kong, the people’s mind and spirit of the government, these families become our family. “China has in the half – all government agencies for three days at the beginning of the Philippines also announced Wednesday. In the national mourning, flags in public institutions throughout the country and overseas embassies and consulates wounded Monday. The last 10 hours before the start of the confrontation, when the police rolando bianchi tourist bus Mendoza requisition Manila rizal park edges. This is the last day of holiday tourism, originated from Hong Kong. Mendoza, a policeman is obviously in their work, by the police, fire, passengers, along with the victims bodies, family and four 7 damage officials on flights from Manila in Hong Kong on Wednesday night.Labor organization said Wednesday Filipino workers in Hong Kong held a press conference, expressing sympathy and demand justice for the bus hijacking. They also criticized the Philippine President Benigno, comments and sensitivity, lack of tragedy as “sensitive” questioned him rather similar case 11 Russia and Germany. “We go to visit our government survey was conducted to victims Balladares justice, said:” the chairman, Manchester united in the Philippines in Hong Kong and members of the peasant worker union in the message on Thursday Vyanne classmate condolence book chan and Judy Chen was blessed victims and their families, and also hope does not turn nu further tragedy. “I want to tell the family lived in a positive attitude, be strong.” Judy chan said after the game.

The Hong Kong government MBT Lami Shoes has asked the crisis and urging citizens don’t angry, an estimated 150,000 people in Hong Kong, the Philippines for domestic workers. “We believe that it is necessary to investigate, at least until a detailed report of the incident, including the negotiation process, the police action, and introduces the causes of death and injury, whether they are all gun is due to the gunners chief secretary Henry tang ying-yen said of his arrival or other in their victim. Excellent question is whether the victim was shot, Philippine police Mendoza or clumsy rescue operations, and how in the process of negotiation. Leocaldo district governor, President of San Diego, police said police kill the hostages in Manila, ballistic investigation still complete Hong Kong police independent investigation.

At the ceremony, jinzijing square in the center of the community, Hong Kong people 18 districts of victims and their families, and provide the information in Manila, though empathy-the police confrontation is still too high. “The police kept shooting (the bus), don’t care about the lives of Hong Kong people. When I saw the news, I feel very depressed, Jacko said.” 15 “Hong Kong. A taxi driver, he can only his surname liu, said:” most people think that the Philippines swat is Hong Kong amateur… Does someone said: “sorry, the Philippines swat.” We have no training “Jacqueline Chen took up her son, a community center.” I hope my son to support others, let him know what happened, how to support the survivors, “she said, the couple also marks the three minutes of silence at home in an iron along metro cheap ugg shoes mourn

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